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    Standard check-in time is 4pm (16:00 hrs)
    Earlier check-in may be available subject to availability

    Departure Day Check-Out Time is 10am (10:00hrs)
    Later Departure Check-Out may arranged subject to availability.

    Select Apartment(s)

    Sherbrooke One-Bedroom Apartment (G41 5AA)Sherbrooke Two-Bedroom Apartment (G41 5AA)Boswell Lower One-Bedroom Apartment (G42 9UX)Boswell Upper One Bedroom Apartment (G42 9UX)

    Sherbrooke/Boswell One-Bedroom Apartments

    Sleeps 4 Persons (Max 3 adults and 1 child)
    Bedroom has choice of Kingsize or 2 Single Beds.
    Sofabed in Living Room.

    Sherbrooke Two-Bedroom Apartment

    Sleeps 5 Persons (Max 4 Adults and 1 child)
    Bedroom 1 - Kingsize or 2 Single Beds
    Bedroom 2 - Double Bed
    Double Sofabed in Living Room.
    Single Fold-Down Bed (Living Room)

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