Terms & Conditions

Michele George (Proprietor)


Sherbrooke Apartments

0/2, 3A & 0/1, 5 Sherbrooke Drive, Glasgow G41 5AA

Boswell Apartments

4 & 8 Boswell Court, Langside, Glasgow G42 9UX

Fieldside Cottage, Ayr Road, Glasgow, G77 6RT


michelegeorge1@msn.com           Tel: +44 (0)41-585-4310      Mobile: +44 (0)7989 599346



  1. Period of Hire

Letting commences at 4pm on the Day of Arrival and terminates at 10am on the Day of Departure; alternative Arrival/Departure times MAY be possible, by prior arrangement.

Early check-in from 7am – charge applies for AM check-ins (£5 per hour)

Late Departure check-out until 6pm – charge applies (£5 per hour)

Late Departure after 6pm – Full Daily Rate will apply

PLEASE NOTE:  As Booking was not made directly with GSCA, Points 2, 3, 4 & 5 and all other Payment References are overridden by AirB&B Policies. 

  1. Booking and Payment

PROVISIONAL BOOKING: Clients may make preliminary enquiries by telephone or e-mail; availability and costs will be advised by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS by telephone or email; at this stage, if the client agrees to a Booking they will receive a Provisional Booking by Email which will request booking details and payment of a deposit.  Deposit must be made within 24 hours of receiving Provisional Booking and requested details received..  Whenever payment of the deposit is received by Credit/Debit Card by phone OR through a PayPal Account, the Booking will immediately be deemed a FIRM BOOKING.  If payment of the deposit is agreed to be accepted with cheque sent by post, the provisional booking will be held by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS for a period of 7 days, within which time the deposit must be received and cleared. If deposit is not received within 24 hours via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal OR received and cleared if paying by cheque within 7 days, the provisional booking will be deemed cancelled and GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS will seek to let the accommodation.

BOOKING DETAILS: The Client must submit required Booking Details by post, email or telephone.

FIRM BOOKING: a Booking will be deemed a Firm Booking following receipt and clearance of the deposit and requested booking details and when the

Booking Confirmation/Information Package is be sent by Email or Post.

Receipt of Booking Confirmation Package must be acknowledged by client to complete the Booking Process.

PAYMENT: Payment may be made by Credit/Debit Card, through a PayPal Account, Cheques drawn on a UK Bank Account, Bank Transfers (Internatiional Bank Transfers are subject to £7 charge) or Cash GBP.

DEPOSIT: a MINIMUM of £50 Deposit for Total Rental Charges of up to £500

£100 Deposit for Total Rental charges of between £500 – £1000

£200 Deposit for Total Rental charges of between £1000 – £1500

£300 Deposit for Total Rental charges of between £1500 – £2000

(thereafter Deposit increases by £100 per £1000)

Deposit is payable when booking is made.

If the booking is made within 4 weeks before commencement of the letting period, the full rental charge may be requested at the time of booking or arrangement agreed to pay Balance on Arrival at discretion of GSCA.

RENTAL BALANCE: The Balance of the Rental Charge is payable 4 weeks before the commencement of the letting period.  If the balance is not received by this date then GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS will be entitled to re-let for the period and the deposit will be forfeited by the client.  This condition will apply unless prior agreement to pay Balance on Arrival has been made.

RETURNABLE DEPOSIT: GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS reserves the right to ask for a returnable Deposit of £100 in the form of £GBP Cash.  Alternatively Credit Card Details must be presented.  In the unlikely event of damage/breakage/loss of keys/extra expenses, etc relevant costs will be deducted.  In the likely circumstances that no damage/breakage/extra expenses are incurred by GSCA, Card Details will be destroyed or Deposit refunded.  If a Cash Deposit has been made this will be refunded by Cheque sent within 14 Days of Departure.

IDENTIFICATION: For Security purposes, on Arrival Day Client must present two forms of identification:

  • Photographic ID – This can be in the form of a Passport or Driving Licence.
  • ID showing Name and Address eg Bank Statement or Utility Bill dated within the last 12 months

Note: To comply with the Immigration Order of 1972 Guests travelling from overseas must present Passport and also state next destination.

Important: Without specified Damage Deposit AND Identification Check-In cannot proceed.

  1. Cancellation by Client

Cancellation by the Client MUST be in writing, either by post or email.  An acknowledgement of receipt of a cancellation will be issued by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS.; if such acknowledgement is not received by the client, then the cancellation will NOT be deemed to have taken place.

  1. Initial Deposits are non-refundable
  2. First day of let being “Day 0”
    • Cancellations made on Day 28 or before will receive a Full Refund less Deposit
    • Cancellations made between Day 15 and Day 27 will receive 25% refund of total cost of booking less deposit.
    • Cancellations made between Day 0 and Day 14 will receive no refund.

If GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS cannot be made available for the period booked due to events beyond the control of GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS and GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS require to cancel the booking, the whole of the hire charge will be refunded by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS; the Client will have no claim against GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS.

GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS is under no obligation to provide alternative accommodation for clients in the event of cancellation, however, should other GSCA Accommodation be available it will be offered to clients at same rate as in original Booking.

Clients are strongly advised to take out a Holiday Cancellation Insurance Policy.

  1. Booking Alteration Requests
  2. a) Date, length of stay and name of guest alteration requests will be considered and accommodated wherever possible and will incur no charge provided that the change is made on Day 28 or before the scheduled Day 0 of arrival, that the length of stay is not less than the original booking, and that the alteration request can be accommodated within a 60 day period following the first day of the original booking. If requested changes cannot be accommodated then the alteration request will be treated as a cancellation (see clause 3).
  3. b) Date, length of stay and name of guest alteration requests made between Day 15 and Day 27 (scheduled day of arrival being Day 0), will incur a Booking Change Fee of £50 as long as changes can be accommodated within 60 days of the original scheduled day of arrival. If changes are unable to be accommodated then the alteration request will be treated as a cancellation, as in clause 3.
  4. c) Alteration Requests (apart from name of guest alterations) made between Day 0, the scheduled arrival day, and Day 14, will be treated as a cancellation, as in Clause 3.
  5. d) If Alteration request is for a shorter length of stay than original booking, no refund will apply.
  6. Services Included

WiFi/BT Broadband – Free of Charge

Sky TV with Box Sets Bundle – Free of Charge

Fuel Costs and use of Towels, Bed Linen are included in the rental costs.

Change of Bed Linen & Towels provided every 7 Nights

Introductory   Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Cleaning Materials, Toilet Rolls included in cost of rental

Towels – For stays up to 5 days – no towel change

– For stays of 6 days plus – on request (regularity limit: 4 Days)

Bed Linen – For stays up to 7 days – no change

–  For stays 8 – 14 days – one change of bed linen

–  For longer stays – linen & towel change every 7 days

Travel Cot and/or Highchair On Request – FREE OF CHARGE

  1. Optional Extra Services

Extra Sky Channels eg Sky Sports/Sky Cinema – £30 (for stays up to one Month)

Full Towel Change – £20

One Bed Linen Change – £15       Full Bed Linen Change (All Beds) – £30

Complete Maid Service: Towels/Linen/Apartment Clean – £50

  1. Arrival and Departure

ARRIVAL: Upon receipt of deposit, GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS will advise full details for accessing the apartment on arrival.  It is the responsibility of the Client to advise GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS of the Estimated Time of Arrival as much in advance as possible.  If the Estimated Time of Arrival changes it is the responsibility of the client to inform GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS of this change.  On the Day of Arrival, should the Estimated Time of Arrival change IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE that the Client phones or texts 07989-599346 with an accurate update of the arrival time.  In all circumstances, to ensure smooth arrival/entry, client MUST phone/text 07989 599346  –  30-40minutes prior to Arrival. 

As Sherbrooke/Boswell Apartments form part of a small private residential block, there is no Reception.  A representative of Glasgow Self Catering Apartments will meet clients upon arrival.

DEPARTURE: Unless by prior arrangement, Clients must vacate GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS by 10am.  Departure arrangements will be clarified upon arrival.  (Extension of Stay may be available subject to charge and availability)

  1. Number of Persons using the Apartment

The number of persons occupying GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS should not exceed the number of persons listed on the Booking Confirmation.  Any infringement will result in immediate termination of the contract and all patrons will be required to vacate the premises.  All guests occupying must be named on Booking Confirmation.  Subletting is strictly prohibited.

  1. Use of Accommodation, Behaviour and Noise Levels

As GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS Accommodation  form part of a quiet, established, respectable residential area, it is respectfully requested that clients show courtesy and consideration with regard to local residents.  Loud Music, Parties, Large Gatherings (ie more than 4 in One-Bedroom Apartments or more than 8 in Two-Bedroom Apartments) or activities of a loud or illegal nature are strictly prohibited. Guests must keep noise levels to an acceptable level and enter/exit apartments as quietly as possible.

Premises may NOT be used for the consumption of illegal drugs.

Premises may NOT be used for the purposes of Drug or People Trafficking.

Premises may NOT be used for the purposes of Prostitution in any form.

Premises may NOT be used for Meetings/Gatherings of more than 6 persons in a One-Bedroom Apartment and 8 persons in a Two-Bedroom Apartment or 3 Bedroom Cottage with no overnight stays for visiting persons.

Only Guests detailed on the Booking Confirmation may occupy the Accommodation.

Any behaviour contravening these rules will be considered to be a breach of the Terms and Conditions and clients will be required to vacate premises immediately without notice and with no refund at the total discretion of GSCA.

If complaints are received from neighbours concerning loud, drunken or unruly behaviour, this will be deemed a breach of Terms and Conditions and clients will be required to vacate accommodation immediately without notice and with no refund at the total discretion of GSCA.

  1. Complaints Procedure

COMPLAINT BY CLIENT: Should there be any problem or cause for complaint during the period of letting, please contact GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS immediately and the utmost will be done to rectify the problem.

COMPLAINT BY GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS: GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS reserves the right to decline accommodation and/or to demand the immediate withdrawal of any persons not complying with these Terms and Conditions, or for any conduct detrimental to the property or the comfort of adjacent guests or neighbours.

  1. Care of Property, Breakages, or Damage

In the interests of hygiene, guests must remove outdoor shoes whilst in apartment.

In the interests of safety all electrical appliances should be switched off when leaving apartments (except TV/DVD/Hi-Fi)

In the interests of security, all windows must be closed and Front Door locked when clients are not in apartment.

Security Entry Doors must be kept locked at all times.

Heaters should not be covered and should be kept free from inflammable materials, eg bedding, curtains, etc

To prevent condensation, odours and mould growth due to warm, moist conditions during period of hire, apartment should be aired at least once per day by opening windows to allow airflow through the apartment.

Clients should advise GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS of any cause for complaint, hygiene issues, breakages or damage found in apartment on Day 1 of Period of Hire.  Thereafter any Damage/Breakages/Conditions which occur either accidentally or due to neglect are the responsibility of the client and must be reported to GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS immediately and replaced or paid for by client, excepting circumstances of normal wear and tear.

The Client should take proper care of GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS including contents.  Unless extra maid service is requested, the client is responsible for the cleaning of GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS.  For the benefit of future guests, it is requested that, on departure, the apartment is left in a similar state of cleanliness and tidiness as it was found on arrival.  All apartment contents including cupboard contents should be returned to original position as on Arrival Day.  Oven/Hob/Grill Pan/Fridge should be left in clean condition with signs of “baked/stuck on food” completely removed.

Excessive cleaning costs beyond the norm of three man hours for a One-Bedroom Apartment and four man hours for a Two-Bedroom Apartment will be charged to client at a Rate of £10 per Extra hour required.

Where, in the sole honest and experienced opinion of GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS, there has been excessive breakage/damage, beyond normal use, excessive cleaning required, odour contamination, build-up of mould due to lack of ventilation and airflow, the cost of rectification, cleaning and/or repair will be charged to the client.

On Arrival clients must provide Credit Card Details or £100 Cash Deposit to cover for any potential damage/breakage.  In the highly unlikely case of extra charges being incurred, GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS reserve the right to charge for any damage, breakage, staining of carpets/towels/bed linen, smoking/odour pollution.

Card Details will not be kept on file and will be destroyed immediately after departure or Cash Refunded and if a Cash Deposit has been made this will be refunded by Cheque sent within 14 Days of Departure assuming that apartment is vacated and left in condition as on Arrival.

  1. Parking

Sherbrooke Apartments – On-Site Parking is for the use of permanent residents only.  Guests of Sherbrooke Apartments must use Free and Unrestricted On-Street Parking on adjacent Sherbrooke Drive which is always available.  On-Site Parking Facilities may be used for “Setting Down” and “Picking Up” purposes only. Lock-Up Garage: Free of Charge (Sherbrooke Apartments only)

Boswell Apartments – One Private Parking space is available to guests and also Visitors Parking spaces if available for Cars only. On-Road Parking also available.

  1. Pets

Certain pets may be allowed in GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS by prior arrangement at time of booking at an Extra Cost of £5/Day. In the interests of hygiene and future guests, Pet Owners must ensure that, on departure, no animal hair, carpet stains, pet odours, etc are left in apartment.  An extra returnable deposit of £100 or Credit Card Details is requested to cover for any potential damage.

  1. Smoking


Guests may smoke outside the apartment. Cigarette ends must be extinguished and removed to outside refuse bin.

  1. Right of Entry

The proprietors or representatives of GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS reserve the right of entry to the apartments at all reasonable times, for the purpose of weekly inspection, maid service/towels/linen change,  or to carry out necessary repairs or maintenance.  Visits will be kept to a minimum and the door will always be knocked/doorbell rung prior to entry to respect privacy of clients.  As part of quality control procedures GSCA will visit apartment on a weekly basis to ensure that the premises are being used for the purpose for which they were intended.  Weekly quality control inspections will take place between the hours 9am to 9pm and it is not necessary for guests to be present.  If standards of hygiene and care of apartment are not met according to GSCA guidelines, clients will be requested to vacate apartment with immediate effect and no refund will be given.

  1. Injury, Loss, Damage

The use of the property and its equipment is entirely at the Client’s risk and no responsibility is accepted by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS for injury to the Client, a member of his/her party or of any person entering the property with the permission of his/her party for injury, loss or damage to belongings, including motor vehicles.  Clients should ensure that they are adequately insured.

  1. Contract

A Contract, under Scots Law, will be deemed to have been entered into, embracing the above Terms and Conditions, when a Booking is made by the client, accepted by GLASGOW SELF CATERING APARTMENTS, AND THE INITIAL DEPOSIT IS MADE.  INITIAL DEPOSIT after Booking is confirmed is always Non-Refundable.