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10 Interesting facts about Glasgow

Interesting facts you may not know

  1. Glasgow has Scotland’s largest population were around 600,000 people live.
  2. The city of Glasgow is ranked as the best shopping centre in the UK after London.
  3. Glasgow has a major international airport that is located only 20 minutes from the city centre.
  4. The city of Glasgow has excellent transport links to rest of Scotland and the UK.
  5. Glasgow has around 80 parks, more than any other city in Europe.
  6. Glasgow means dear green place in Gaelic.
  7. Glasgow was the birthplace of one of the worlds greatest architects Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
  8. Glasgow has 14 museums and art galleries housing over 1.5 million objects.
  9. Glasgow is a major centre for sport including football, Golf, Sailing, hill walking and climbing.
  10. The city of Glasgow Is within an hour travel by car bus or train of Scotland’s most famous cities and tourist attractions Edinburgh,  Stirling Castle, Burns Country Loch Lomond and Ayrshire’s Royal Troon Golf Course