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About Pollokshields, where you will find our Sherbrooke Apartments

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Where our Sherbrooke apartments are located

Pollokshields is an area of the Southside of Glasgow. Predating Bedford Park of London by nearly a quarter of a century, it is sometimes claimed to be the UK’s first Garden Suburb, despite having been planned and constructed before the movement’s inauguration.

Pollokshields Burgh Hall established by the Stirling-Maxwell family in 1849, Pollokshields was set out or ‘feued’ by the Edinburgh architect David Rhind. Many well-known Glaswegian architects contributed to its development and, amongst others, it contains villas by Glasgow ‘ s other architectural genius Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

There are also several contributions by contemporaries of Charles Rennie Mackintosh including a series of good ‘Glasgow style’ tenements by the architect H. E. Clifford, who was also responsible for the ‘A’ listed Pollokshields Burgh Hall, in Scottish Baronial style which was inaugurated in 1890, with Maxwell Park.

The ground for Maxwell Park was given by Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Nether Pollok in 1888, and the park was formally opened at the same time. Such was its early population growth Pollokshields attained ‘burgh’ status in 1876.

However, this ended in 1891 when after being offered favourable tax terms the residents of the burgh agreed to it becoming a suburb of the growing city of Glasgow. The Victorian and Edwardian architecture and the parks of this area have remained almost untouched, leaving the feeling of a leafy Victorian suburb, while being well within the city.