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Langside where you will find our Boswell Apartments

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One of the oldest and event-filled areas in the south side

There is evidence of prehistoric settlement, a community of radical weavers and some
stately houses and villas, before it became fully urbanised and one of the major
local historical attributes was that Mary Queen of Scots finally lost her kingdom
at the Battle of Langside.

The White Cart Water to the south and the two long hills
with summits in Queen’s Park and Mansion house Road define its hilly and surprisingly
wooded character. The name Langside – long hill – refers to this feature. 

Langside,Crossmyloof and Cathcart were all part of the ancient parish of Cathcart.  Langside
village originated at the cross-roads between the north-south route from the crossing
of White Cart Water to the centre of Glasgow, and the east-west path from Crossmyloof
down Lang Loan (Battlefield Road). Until well into the twentieth century the area
encompassed the Battlefield area as well as modern day Langside. It formally became
part of Glasgow in 1891.